Many women stop at nothing when it comes to beauty regiments. And the industry itself has come up with various trends to keep individuals happy. Few of these trends are centred on the eyes. Some focus on creating bigger brighter eyes with makeup while some focus on artificial additions or solutions to enhance the look and feel. There is no doubt that having fuller eyes add volumes to your beauty, therefore many women now days tend to add best eyelash extensions to create full volume and a livelier look. Though it enhances the beauty of a person, these additions do not come cheap and there is constant after care that will be required. It is estimated that an individual set of full lashes can cost from 150 $ to 500 $ or even more. And re attachments or after care will cost approximately another 150 $ to 200$. Therefore it is considered quite a costly affaire.

The lengthening of the hairs is done by attaching individual fibres to the base of the eye. Usually they are added by using surgical glue. The hair additions are normally made from synthetic or natural fibre. The high cost incurred is understandable considering the fact that each hair is attached individually, which is a painstaking and delicate project. However if you are planning on getting artificial extensions added, the cost is not the only factor that needs to be considered. Your eye safety also needs to be considered. There have been instances of allergic reactions to the glue that has been used and also eye infections from poor quality material and unhygienic equipment being used. Therefore you need to consider your health before any beauty routine and make sure that a well reputed place is chosen. The person who attaches the lashes also needs to be properly trained. Therefore you will need to do your research before visiting a place. If need be ask the professional for evidence of trainings and expertise.

Eye lash perm is another addition these days to the beauty routine. This technique uses a special type of glue which is applied on the hair, which is then rolled in to the desired position with heated clips or such mechanism. This is followed by a perming lotion that is applied, which is then allowed to sit for a while to achieve the desired look. This method is actually less time consuming and costs far lesser than artificial additions. And since the use of makeup is greatly reduced by this method, it is also much preferred. However as with many beauty regiments, this method too is not FDA approved and can cause damage to the skin around the eyes especially, causing burning and even blindness in adverse cases. Therefore which ever method you use, make sure you hire a qualified and experienced professional.brazilian-lashes