This particular type of company can be categorized as one of the simplest concept wise, the main task carried out by them is the purpose of moving an immobile vehicle with their permission of the owner/owners and relocate to a safer place where the vehicle repairs can be performed on it to bring it back to the working condition. And in crowded cities these companies along with the governing authority of the country are set out to move vehicles that are being parked at illegal places and restricted locations and move them immediately away and fine the owner of the vehicle for the violation of federal rules. In these situations, the areas that are questioned either have limited parking space and you will be granted permission to park your vehicle if you are willing to pay a certain sum of money for it. And the moment the owner violates these simple rules the company has the right to move the vehicle without needing the consent of the owner. 

When it comes down to instances such as this an owner is contracted to a reliable tow truck company to look after their parking lots. You need not worry about re acquiring your vehicle as it can be done after going through the process of few paper work. It is safe to say that these yards are like the cemetery for vehicles. Most of these places are secured with a fence of high security mostly coiled around with barb wire with the intention of keeping owners away from jumping over and to stop them from trying to reach their vehicles and drive off.

When it comes to getting back your vehicle it will require you to pay a certain fee and the amount to be paid will depend on the number of days your vehicle has been at the yard.With these strict rules the total amount to pay in order to retrieve the vehicle will keep increasing each passing day, and if the vehicle is not retrieved from the said towing company in time they will pass a rule and file a case with the court of law where they will try to retain the ownership of the vehicle, and if you fail to win this fight for your vehicle you will have to face the fate of losing your vehicle which then will be either auctioned off or be scrapped for metal and other extra pieces by the company. These are just some of the basic rules that are followed and known by the general citizens, and if you want to be more informed you can always look up online and read very thoroughly on the rules and regulations and make sure that you are indeed in compliance.