With the disposable gloves coming in variety of colours and materials and have become one of the absolute needs in number of industries especially health cares, chemical and such other industries. The reason why these are used is because these are used to protect the hands against viruses, germs, splashes of the chemicals and other kind of the contamination. Most of the times, these are used for one-time purposes and then disposed of.

Efficacy of using the disposable gloves:

It has been studied and proved that the gloves provide the barrier against number of elements and these studies are done by number of clinics all around the globe in which it was observed that how much contamination was done when touching the contaminated areas or humans with and without the disposable gloves.

Hand hygiene:

One thing which is very important and need to be understand is that in order to get the maximum efficiency of the disposable gloves, you need to use these properly and must be very careful about the cleansing of the hands even after you use the gloves. It has been observed that the people who wear disposable gloves in nz are less considerate of their hand hygiene considering that the gloves saved their hands from all kind of contamination and they do not need to thoroughly cleanse the hands now but this is not true, even with the gloves on there could be chance of contamination to some extent and percentage and the unproper use or the carelessness while taking these off could also lead to the contamination and therefore, hands must be thoroughly cleansed and cleaned with or without the gloves. If hands are not properly cleaned and cleansed then these could lead to various diseases which could spread from one patient to another.

Types of the disposable gloves:

There are two types of the disposable gloves, one is the sterile and these are specially used and are operated and these are individually wrapped and usually you would get the instructions to use these. On the other hand, there are non-sterile ones. Disposable gloves are usually made from the rubber mostly latex or sometimes vinyl but be careful while purchasing these because many people are allergic to the latex and then there are vinyl ones used for these people.

Instructions to wear the disposable gloves:

First of all, you need to wash the hands first thoroughly with the soap and then dry these completely before putting the gloves on. Usually, when you take these off, be careful that the outer surface of the gloves do not come in contact with your skin and you put these in the bin immediately instead of putting it somewhere and then again wash your hands.