At a point in the life of everybody, there will come a time where you would need the financial assistance you are looking for. All of us would need monetary information, and a majority of us acquire this monetary advice from banking institutions where the consultant would explain the various schemes offered by the bank and how you could either open a new account in the establishment or of a personal need. The guidance, however, depends on the three main criteria. First being, the moment in life that you are in right now, at this very stage. The assistance would be different and will vary between a twenty-year-old and a much older individual who is in his forty’s. Second being, the sum of money that the individual is willing to invest in a particular asset, property, a share or any kind of investment. Third being, the goal of this investment. The goal, fundamentally, is the objective of this investment and what the investor is trying to achieve with the investment. Here are some of the different types of monetary guidance, which are usually divided into two options. Either General or Personal advice. Read on to find out.


Just as meaning of the word, a general adviser is the person that produces the information not according to the current positon and circumstance, like the goals, financial situation and the needs, of the individual, but simply offers general information about a particular asset or a product that could be a potential buy either in the present or in the future. This type of guidance is usually done in the old-fashioned way, that is, either done face to face, which is the best way to do it, or over the phone, which is not as safe and secure as we think it is, or by the internet through a video call, which may, again, not be as secure as we formerly thought. An automated investment advisor would not be in the list of services offered since this kind of service is usually offered to the personal type.


A personal advisor is the exact opposite of a general one. These assistors will help you every step of the way, from the setting up of the plan, until the plan is complete and the goals are achieved. Since they will be with you in every process of the journey, it would be easier to set up an online communication line with yourself and the assistor. This is where an automated investment service comes in to help you out. These are the two typical types of financial guidance that are usually opted by the population. It would be best to carefully analyse and choose the best for you.