Rubber stamp is a common name in the industry and it is being used for decades. These are used for the impression of the company, name, address and even the logo. These stamps are still in use and there are variations available. We have come a long way from the years of traditional stamp. Though these are still in use, there are two more variations. Though the purpose of these variations are all same, the usage and convenience varies.
Before buying any of these it is necessary to know about the difference and usage of these different types of rubber stamps. There are basically three types of rubber stamps – the traditional rubber stamp that comes with an ink pad, the self inking one and the most convenient and costly pre inked one. You can also buy custom rubber stamps Melbourne.

Self inking:
This one is a little costly than the earlier one. It does not need any ink pad. The ink pad is in built and it inks the die after every use. It is easy to make a perfect impression because of the pressure that is dispersed properly and equally for the presence of the spring. This is more light and easy to carry. As there is no separate ink pad, there is no fear of any unnecessary staining while using self inking stamps. The ink pad will run for one year and it can be replaced easily to get the stamp back to field. So, these stamps are more convenient than traditional one.

Pre-inked stamp:
In this case, the ink is in the die. So, there is no separate source of ink. It is more convenient to carry and the impression is much better than the other two variations.

Traditional stamp:
This rubber stamp is being used for decades and most of us are well aware of its functioning. An ink pad is an important partner of the traditional stamp as without it the supply of ink will be a big zero. At a time these were the only stamps. The designs including the letters, logo and other were made on the rubber die. This was then pressed on the ink pad and then on the paper. Though this one was in use for many years and is still in work at some places, there are a few problems. The impression is not always perfect as all the parts of the stamp do not get proper pressure and the ink is not properly dispensed. Clothes and pages are often stained due to the stamp pad. Custom-Rubber-Stamp