maternity photography

The coolest as well as the most emotional type of photography session conducted ever by a photographer are the ones that have pregnant females as clients or subject of photos. This is referred as maternity photography in Caroline Springs, which can be carried out according to the choice and comfort of the mom to be. Mostly the best time of pregnancy photography is near or start of the third trimester when the baby bump is growing or clearly visible for photos to look good. Shape and structure of mother’s body is appropriate for shoot at that time. It just not focuses on the mother but the poses reflect the most beautiful aspect and undeniable bond of mother with her unborn child growing inside her body. It is recommended by doctors to allow mothers to have their maternity shoots till the time they are capable of moving freely with the bump, a little too close to the due date can be a worrying factor during the poses.

Outfits for maternity photography

Dressing moms to be in the most outfits and capturing her beautiful poses with her baby bump is the main purpose of conducting maternity photography. Conducting a maternity session is itself a deep topic to discuss with the mother client on how she wants to look, what theme is desired and is she wants to be in a studio or live location. Outfits are the integral part of photos as it will symbolizes the bump more strongly than any other prop or accessory.

For maternity photography, the best wardrobes from moms to be includes maxis, gowns, trendy classics outfits from her own closet, chiffon, maternity suits, belt composed dresses to highlight bump and some even make the use of body paints to make it look more colorful. Dress matters nut even more important for such pregnant females is to appear confident, comfortable and effortless during shoot

Pregnancy photography

It is more of a task in organizing and managing details from outfits to background location during pregnancy photography. It is nowhere near to beginner’s job; only professional photographer can handle maternity shots. Creativity and good taste in pictures are the two requirements while selecting the best photo artist for the maternity photo sessions, as poses and reflective aesthetic looks with baby bumps are needed to be captured.

Pregnancy photography can be private too like at home or studios, but most of the female clients demand for live site shoots for better shots. Greenery, open view and clear weather are the best times to have such photos with moms to be. Different angle poses with smile of contentment and motherhood on mother’s face is a job well done for pregnancy photo portraits.


Maternity photography is a time like no other in a female’s life; therefore, such baby bump moments are well- capture through maternity shoots. Pregnancy photography in Melbourne is mostly endured during the third trimester for the bump to be round in shape, appearing as the main subject of photos with the mother.