You must have been to many kids birthday parties and you must have seen many things which are repetitive on every other party and now when you have to arrange a birthday party entertainment for your own kid you do not want it to be the routine birthday party but you want to introduce new things. therefore, this article suggests a couple of the entertainment ideas especially designed for the kids parties only. Although every child is different, and this is not necessary that the suggested ideas go for every child, but it is your duty to determine which one is your kids interest before opting one.

Bring the science lab to the birthday party if your child is science geek:

It may sounds strange but there are children who like the science this much that they always want to perform random science experiments therefore, if your child is one of such children then you could hire someone who could perform safe science experiments for the children which are fun and these experiments usually include the slime and the different kind of the potions which are bubbling.

A princess themed party for your girl:

If your girl is also into the princess like many other little girls then you could organize the princesses themed party in which all the little ladies are dressed as the princess of their choice and you could have the decorations where you could build a castle and some other décor of princess and there are companies who could help you in such décor if you do not have the idea.

Invite birthday party entertainers:

If you have such party in which there are both boys and the girls then you could have the birthday party entertainer who entertain both of these such as the magician who is loved by everyone or some clown. Not only this, but you could invite a dancer entertainer who would show off different moves and would also include the children in his dance. Similarly, you could have the singers and the musicians as well.


Have a scavenger hunt:

If your child is old enough to look for the things, then you could organize a little scavenger hunt at the birthday parties in which the children would make the team and would look  for the hidden things, not only in this way every child will be able to interact and participate but it will be fun to do and at the end you give prizes to the children so that they take even more interest in the game. See this post to find out more details.